Teacher turnover at all-time high

annual turnover of full-time teachers has risen to its highest level since
records began, research by the Employers Organisation for Local Government

to a survey of teacher resignations and recruitment, the turnover rate from LEA
schools has risen from 9.8 per cent to 12.8 per cent, the highest figure since
the survey started in 1990.

total of 46,000 teachers moved on, with 23,000 going to other teaching jobs,
7,000 retiring, 2,600 leaving the education sector, and 13,000 leaving to
unknown destinations.

South East and London were worst hit, with turnover rates of 35 and 33 per cent

particularly high turnover rates in London and the South East are due partly to
the ease with which teachers can commute to a number of LEAs and other
employers within a relatively compact geographical area," explained a
spokesperson for the National Employers Organisation for School Teachers.

study also shows that turnover increased slightly more in secondary than in
primary schools and female teachers were more likely to move on than their male

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