McDonald’s recruitment drive hits back at critics

Fast food giant McDonald’s has used its latest recruitment drive to hit back at critics who claim it is a poor employe.

The UK division of the company has launched a poster campaign using the slogan ‘Not bad for a McJob’, which details the benefits the company offers staff such as extensive flexible working options.

It is the first time the company has tried to combat the “negative misconceptions” that have been associated with the title ‘McJob’ ever since the term was used by Douglas Copeland in his bestselling novel Generation X: tales for an Accelerated Culture.

David Fairhurst, a McDonald’s vice-president in the UK, said a huge gap existed between the external perception and the internal reality of working at McDonald’s.

“Our employer reputation isn’t justified, we have to accept that this association exists and correct it,” he said.

Last year McDonald’s spent £14m on staff training and employs 67,000 workers at 1,250 outlets in the UK alone.

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