Media firm’s focus groups decide its benefits package

Media company Mediaedge:cia has used its staff focus groups to develop a
flexible benefits scheme.

The move was triggered by the merger of Media Edge and CIA earlier this

UK HR manager Clare Alger said the company wanted to create a common set of
values across the new company and revamp the benefits package. She said that
four focus groups and a steering committee were set up to get the package

Staff were asked what they liked about their existing scheme, and what
benefits they would like. Benefits such as life insurance and 20 days holidays
are compulsory but staff can now choose from a range of other benefits
including pensions, dental care, childcare, extra holidays and retail vouchers.

As part of the package staff can also opt for use of a bicycle if they want
to cycle to work.

CEO Fiona McAnena said offering a full package was seen as patronising, and
meant taking decisions away from people. "Flex means everyone is treated
like an adult and given personal responsibility," she said.

"The overall package is worth more to people because they’re choosing
what they really value – if there’s anything they don’t want, they can have
cash instead."

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