Met handbook to flag staff benefits on offer

The entire London police service is being issued with a new handbook to
raise awareness of the benefits available to employees of the Met.

Two booklets – one for officers and one for civilian staff – will provide a
comprehensive guide to staff perks, including discounted rail travel, special
rates on car rentals and career breaks of up to five years.

HR director Martin Tiplady said internal research found that many of the
Met’s 43,000 employees were unaware of the benefits negotiated for them.

"It’s vital that all Met staff are fully aware of the benefits they are
entitled to," he explained.

Benefits of Belonging will be distributed to all staff through their line
manager and an electronic version will be on the organisation’s intranet site.
It is hoped that a clear guide to the benefits will also assist the Met’s
ongoing recruitment drive.

The service is now at its highest ever staffing level, and later this month
will celebrate the recruitment of its 30,000th officer.

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