Met police offers staff training in leadership skills

Police staff are to be offered the chance to develop their leadership and management skills with the aim of equiping them for promotion.

The Metropolitan Police Service will launch its first police staff fast track programme on 1 March.

Met bosses hope the three-year training and development programme will provide a cadre of potential future leaders and senior managers.

The Intensive Development Programme (IDP) will start with 13 participants from across the Met, following a selection process held over several months.

Paul Madge, director of people development, said he believed the programme would be of immense benefit to the force. “The IDP is all about nurturing our own talent and recognising the potential we already have within the organisation,” he said. Initiating this programme sent a clear message to staff and potential employees that the Met valued its employees, Madge added.

Programme participants will be encouraged to drive their own development, actively seeking out opportunities and broadening their knowledge.

Each candidate will be fully supported throughout the three years by a trained career coach from within the Met.

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