Met to offer bounty to boost ethnic levels

police officers could soon receive a £600 bonus if they help recruit ethnic

Metropolitan Police Service is set to introduce a recruitment bounty in a bid
to improve the rate of recruitment among ethnic minorities.

incentive would see officers paid a fee, when a candidate they recommend joins
the service, or if they tempt an ethnic officer from another area.

spokesperson for the Met’s HR department said the bounty scheme is currently
being developed and, if successful, could be used by other police forces.

move forms part of a package of radical measures aiming to help meet strict
Home Office targets set after the Met was branded institutionally racist by the
Macpherson Report.

Home Office has set the Met a target of 25 per cent ethnic composition by 2009.
Its new ethic recruitment roadshow, Intromet, is currently touring the UK.

speed up the recruitment process potential candidates can complete an
application and if suitable, take the Police Initial Recruitment Test the same

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