Metropolitan police chief snubbed by anonymous Muslim policewoman

First the unknown soldier, then the never-identified peace protester in Tiananmen Square, now an unnamed Muslim policewoman has joined the ranks of anonymous heroes.

The lady bobby struck a blow for employees everywhere last week when she refused to shake her boss’s hand. Met police chief Sir Ian Blair was said to have been “furious” that the Muslim law enforcer declined his outstretched palm at her passing-out ceremony.

Guru feels this could be the start of a massive backlash against those bosses who rule from on high, staying away from the dirty work but expecting to be part of their employees’ achievements.

After all, if a man, woman or beast of any religious background, sexual orientation and karaoke song preference has proved their competence to do a job, why should they have to smarm up to the boss to get ahead?

But this action must be just the start. Now we need brave comrades ready to follow this woman’s example and continue her campaign.

Who will decline their boss’s once-a-year lunchtime drink offer? Who will reply-to-all when he thanks the team for their efforts but doesn’t offer a pay rise? Who will put a ‘Do not disturb, sleeping’ sign on his office door? Who will lead a coup on his office when he is sunning himself for three weeks in the Seychelles?

Guru urges you on, disciples.



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