Midlands Mediation launches Train to Mediate DVD

‘train to mediate’ ™ is a brand new DVD-based training package that lets you train your own managers and staff in workplace mediation skills.

Produced by Midlands Mediation Ltd, the package includes a film of a typical workplace dispute. The dispute starts as a tea-break argument and escalates into a major situation with one party calling for grievance procedures. It follows the route that the manager takes to resolve the problem, and how she refers the situation on to trained mediators.

Midlands Mediation pack shot 200x150‘train to mediate’ ™ is the first interactive DVD-based training package to be produced in workplace mediation. It is designed as an organisational training resource to help those whose job it is to ensure that managers and staff within an organisation learn, understand  and are able to put mediation skills into practice.

“The days of audio tapes and video are long gone” says Mike Talbot, Managing Director of Midlands Mediation Ltd “we have found that delivering training via DVD is much more reliable and accessible. When you combine that with the interactivity contained on this DVD, it means that the learning process can be matched precisely with the pace of the audience, whether it’s one person or a large group.”

The DVD has a film which is divided into sections and follows the various stages of intervention by the manager and subsequently, the mediators. It also includes a series of special ‘focus on skills’ sections. These give examples of the various mediation skills used in the film and are broken down separately to highlight the use of different techniques and approaches.

But the ‘train to mediate’ ™ package is much more than just a training DVD – it comes complete with session plans, ‘skills’ section, extensive trainer’s notes and support materials including Powerpoint slides. Altogether it makes a total training package which can be used again and again.

The beauty of having all the training material components together on one DVD means it can be viewed on a laptop or through a standard DVD player anywhere, anytime. It’s a simple, quick and easy alternative to traditional training or seminar-style courses. Plus the way in which the DVD has been structured means it can be seen by one person or delivered in front of a whole group according to the training needs and availability of staff.

Midlands Mediation logo 85x60For a demonstration of the new ‘train to mediate’ ™ package – and details of how to obtain a free demo CD, simply go the website at www.ukmediation.net , telephone the  ‘train to mediate’ ™ helpline on 0845 200 8232,  or email: ttm@ukmediation.net

Midlands Mediation Ltd is based in Belper and offers mediation services as well as mediation training solutions. They specialise in developing new ways and techniques in the challenging area of resolving workplace disputes. Apart from the ‘train to mediate’ ™  DVD package they also provide a range of seminar-based training programmes including:

  • One-day Introduction to Mediation courses
  • Mediation Taster Days
  • Two-day Mediation Skills for Managers courses
  • 40-hour nationally accredited Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate


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