Minister makes review pledge over campaign

Home Office minister Jeff Rooker has responded to Personnel Today’s Refugees
in Employment campaign with a pledge to look again at the official letters to
refugees which prove their right to work.

The current wording of the letters is off-putting to many employers as it
fails to make clear that the job applicant is legally allowed to work in the

"We have been working closely with a number of refugee groups and other
voluntary organisations, particularly the Employability Forum, to enhance the
way these letters express that refugees have permission to work," said
Lord Rooker in his letter.

"We believe this will help ensure that potential employers are clear
that people from this group have no barriers preventing them from taking

One aim of Personnel Today’s Refugees in Employment campaign is to press the
government to introduce a standard permission-to-work document for refugees and
asylum-seekers who can work.

Patrick Wintour, director of the Employability Forum, welcomed the letter
from Lord Rooker. "It endorses Personnel Today’s important and high
profile campaign. It recognises the need to use the skills within the refugee
community," he said.

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