Mobile Internet technology jargon buster

as we’d managed to get our heads around desktop Internet technology, there is a
whole set of mobile terms to get used to. WAP, or wireless application protocol,
is firmly in the vernacular, but you’re also likely to come across these

The third generation of mobile communications technology, which promises
high-speed data transfer and multimedia capabilities on mobile phones and other
handheld devices such as palmtop computers.

General Packet Radio Services. This provides an "always-on"
connection and allows transmission of up to 56kbps, equal to an average PC’s
modem. The technology is aimed mainly at GSM-based, 2G phones. GSM, which stands
for Global System for Mobile phones, is currently the most well-used digital
communication system.

High Speed Circuit Switched Data. This combines several GSM channels to permit
faster transmission speeds of up to 38.4kbps.

Short Message Service, better known as text messaging. The service will send
messages of up to 160 characters that use the GSM standard.

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