Mohive first to introduce partner integration into rapid e-learning platform

Unlocking the potential of rapid e-learning is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to Mohive‘s decision to launch “ProAssist”: a brand new capability that enables Subject Matter Experts to rapidly create content and, at the same time, leverage expertise from professional developers.

One of the challenges with implementing rapid e-learning has traditionally been that by creating content in-house many subject matter experts feel they lose some of the expertise that they got from professional developers.

Getting professional assistance with Mohive ProAssist means that Subject Matter Experts can use the internet to connect and collaborate with their extended e-
learning partner network live and in real time whenever help is required.

Whether Subject Matter Experts just need some images for a course or more extensive support from a professional instructional designer before publishing content, partners are linked in and ready to help.

SME’s simply identify the pages in a course that they require assistance with and use the built in workflow to get the professional help they need. Content is sent to a professional partner’s inbox with just one click. Suggested improvements and assets are delivered the next day to put the project back on track.

Mark Harrison from award winning e-learning consultancy Kineo comments: “This highly intuitive addition to the Mohive offering has attracted a great deal of positive feedback from the e-learning community and partners such as Kineo.”

CEO of Mohive, Lars Unneberg adds: “Barriers to effective rapid e-learning are coming down. With web-based solutions you can really leverage all the resources you have available across your partner network.”

The Mohive platform enables businesses to reduce time to market when launching new products, promotions and processes by enabling them to rapidly deliver effective e-learning. Mohive has seen a 50% increase in the volume of courses being produced by subject matter experts.

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