More are actively dissatisfied with their job this year

More people are actively job hunting now than at the same time last year.

Research commissioned by recruitment group Reed, reveals that one in six UK
workers are actively seeking jobs at the moment – a 2 per cent rise over the
position 12 months ago.

At the same time, those passively jobseeking – keeping an eye out for the
right opportunity while continuing in their current role – have dropped by 10
per cent over the same period, to 21 per cent.

Katy Nicholson, spokesperson for Reed, said greater uncertainty about job
prospects appears to underpin this split in behaviour.

The proportion of people staying where they are and not even checking out
the job marketplace is up 8 per cent compared to 12 months ago.

This group now makes up nearly two-thirds of the working population, at 62
per cent

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