More instructional design courses from Trainer1’s Neil Lasher

Neil Lasher, managing director of the vendor neutral e-learning specialist, Trainer1, is running further instructional design (ID) public masterclasses in October and November, in Grove, Oxfordshire.

Lasher’s ID clients include the Open University, 24 Scottish Councils and the British Army as well as organisations in the USA, Canada and Russia.

Lasher is also running ‘Ultimate Instructional Design’ at the same venue.

This one day course not only outlines the key elements in a modern approach to ID but also involves delegates going through a teambuilding exercise to become a ‘pit crew’ working on a real F1 car.

Among the organisations which have recently commissioned Lasher to run this course exclusively for them is the Boehringer Ingelheim group – one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies.

‘Ultimate Instructional Design’ delegates also receive a tour of the Conference Centre, seeing all of Williams’ F1 cars since 1977 and visiting the Williams F1 team’s trophy museum.

The Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection houses over 40 of the team’s seminal racing cars from over a quarter of a century of racing – and is not normally open to the public.

“This advanced course is structured to provide highly memorable experiential learning which should remain in delegates’ long term memory,” commented Lasher.

“By the end of the course, the delegates dissect the training they have received, discussing – among other things – the ID models and ‘learning cycles’ used, as well as determining the optimal ID model and the ideal ‘blend’ of learning delivery methods.

“Instead of merely looking at, and analysing, pieces of e-learning, the delegates experienced the effects of their efforts,” he continued.

In his ID courses, Lasher outlines various ID theories, including those of Gagne, Kolb and Race as well as the ‘ADDIE’, ‘ASSURE’ and ‘UVID’ models.

The two day public masterclasses are designed to further delegates’ understanding and creation of e-learning, helping them to become both proficient and self-sufficient in producing effective e-learning materials.

They help delegates to create precise, reliable and cost-effective learning for the most demanding of professionals.

 “We provide delegates with a process for structuring e-learning courseware to facilitate effective, performance-enhancing e-learning,” said Lasher. “This course takes you through the ID process by working on a real project.

”Delegates receive tips on how to isolate the learning requirements, create the right blend to address different learning styles, design a course map, identify opportunities for interactivity and practise scriptwriting,” he added.

“Delegates can find out if they are suited to creating e-learning materials and the course takes the novice from the ‘toe in the water’ stage to ‘full immersion’ in the world of e-learning.”

“However, the tips and techniques that the course explores are applicable to ID for all forms of learning delivery – not merely e-learning. It is this cross-platform applicability that is attracting an increasing number of delegates on our ‘public courses’,” Lasher revealed.

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