More male HR hogs heed Guru’s call of the wild

Guru’s ‘Call of the Wild Hogs’ (inspired by Surrey County Council HR director Graham White’s letter of 22 May) has already attracted its first respondents.

Disciple Neil writes:

Dear Guru,

Having just been inspired by disciple Graham’s letter, I’m proud to ‘come out’ as a 54-year-old male HR Wild Hog. I’ve been posing as a 34-year-old female blonde called Fiona for the past 17 years, but Graham’s idea sounds much more exciting (although I’ll miss the Christmas party perks).

Since I came out I’ve also discovered 217 male colleagues who have now ‘come out’, all over 40, and all who had previously pretended to be 30-something females to progress their careers in HR.

Well done Graham and Guru.

And disciple Gary adds:

Dear Guru,

At long last I fit into a group and don’t feel I am trying to face this HR challenge on my own. It is good to know that there are a number of us out there – possibly even double figures – and that there is now a targeted drive to bolster the numbers.

The good news is that we will be seen as the pioneers of the new wild frontier. Keep up the great work.

But Guru is not satisfied with this small, if perfectly formed band of three Wild Hogs. Come on all you henpecked HR men aged over 40. Stand up and be counted.

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