Most business travellers are not prepared for trouble

Three out of five business travellers in the UK and US would not expect assistance from their employers if caught up in local violence or a natural disaster while working abroad, research has indicated.

A survey by travel security consultancy International SOS found that two-thirds of UK companies have no clear policy on travel security and 78% of business travellers do not even carry an emergency phone number when abroad on business, Travel Weekly, Personnel Today’s sister publication, reported.

Jim Cannon, HR consultant at RMG Consulting, appealed for greater co-operation between travel management companies and corporate HR departments.

He said: “There is generally not much connection between travel management companies, HR and individuals who travel. HR departments frequently don’t know who is travelling. The industry should make information easily accessible.”

Mike Penrose, International SOS corporate security director, said: “Natural disasters are much more common than violent outbreaks. However, the greatest risk on any trip is the road journey from the airport to the hotel.”

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