Most staff get more holidays than legal minimum

The majority of staff receive more holidays than the basic minimum laid down
by the Working Time Regulations.

An IRS survey of 115 organisations – covering 266 employee groups – shows
all employees gain more leave than the stipulated 12-day minimum. Excluding
bank holidays, staff entitlement ranges from 14 days right up to 36, with a
median average of 25.

Two-thirds of employee groups receive additional holiday leave according to
their length of service, and 28 per cent gain extra statutory days in addition
to their annual entitlement.

These kinds of entitlements are particularly common in the public sector,
(where 57 per cent of organisations offer extra days) and in general services
(where 38 per cent offer additional leave). Most offices provide extra ‘free’
days for employees to cover the shutdown period between Christmas and the New

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