Most UK companies don’t check how well their recruitment process works

Most UK companies either don’t measure the performance of their recruitment process or do so in an arbitrary way which does not provide any useful information, according to new research.

The Executive Talent 2006 report, by recruiter Executives Online, reveals that almost 10% of companies have no formal measurement of whether their recruitment is successful and 46% are using arbitrary methods which fail to address the real issues.

The survey, based on interviews with 102 HR and senior managers, shows that 19% are measuring the quality of the candidates coming forward, 17% the number of applicants and 10% measure the speed of the process.

None of these gives any indication of whether the successful candidate meets objectives and performs for the organisation, the real and crucial test of recruitment, Executives Online warns.

Only 27% are measuring what matters – the quality of candidate hired – to determine whether their recruitment process is delivering. 

“Companies wouldn’t dream of ploughing thousands into an advertising campaign and then not bothering to check just how effective it has been, yet in effect this is what many they are doing with recruitment,” said Norrie Johnston, managing director of Executives Online.

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