Most women feel discrimination is thriving in UK workplace

overwhelming majority of females in UK organisations believe they are
discriminated against when it comes to promotion, according to research from
law firm Peninsula,

survey, which polled 879 female workers across the UK, reveals that 95 per cent
of respondents are frustrated with the lack of opportunities available for

94 per cent of respondents said there was room for change in the promotional
procedures to allow for more women to be given the more senior positions in the

Done, managing director of Peninsula said: “Sex discrimination is still very
much [part of our] society. There is still the concept of the old-boy network
in workplaces around the country and women are finding it increasingly
frustrating to reach higher positions in their workplace.

female employees argue that there is a glass ceiling for promotion and the best
positions available will be reserved for the men.”

weekend, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced the launch of the year-long Women
and Work inquiry, which will look at all issues of gender equality, including
promotion, pay levels and sexual discrimination.

By Daniel Thomas


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