UK firms struggling to find right calibre of employee

shortages remain a significant concern across all industries for small and
medium-sized firms (SMEs) in the UK, according to new research into the risks
facing businesses.

survey of 420 organisations, conducted by Vanson Bourne Research on behalf of
insurance firm Axa, reveals that 40 per cent of respondents are finding it
difficult to attract the right calibre of employee.

those businesses struggling to find the right people, the blame lies with
falling standards of education for 35 per cent of respondents, with 34 per cent
citing an inability to meet wage demands is the main barrier to

in three (29 per cent) said they were worried about the impact of their
inability to employ the right people on the growth of their company. Companies
of between 50-250 employees were more concerned (38 per cent) than those with
fewer than 50 staff (26 per cent).

O’Brien, head of SME business at Axa, said: “The report identifies a disconnect
in the recruitment arena. Employers say education standards are down while
employees are demanding more money.

an ageing population making younger recruits increasingly hard to find,
employees, irrespective of calibre, are able to drive the market.”

Axa Risk Monitor Report, of which this was the first, will be repeated every
six months. 

By Daniel Thomas

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