Motivational colour schemes boost workplace productivity

Are you feeling more creative yet? According to an expert, turquoise is the
optimum colour for inspiring creativity in the workplace, helping to stimulate
new ideas among staff.

New research has discovered that certain colours in the workplace can affect
mood and motivation, and that most workers would prefer a more colourful office

More than 68 per cent of offices are currently painted white, but
researchers believe a greater use of colour could drive up staff performance.

Nearly a third of the 200 staff surveyed said the colour red made them feel
more energetic, although none of their workplaces incorporated that colour.

The research, by facilities management firm Principio, shows that although
colours often have different meanings for each individual, certain shades generally
provoke the same reaction.

Justin Palmer, Principio’s managing director, said the most popular colours
among staff were purple, turquoise and cream.

"Colour is an important part of our lives and influences our behaviour
and mood," he said. "Despite widespread use of colour to enhance the
home environment, most employers completely lack imagination when it comes to

"Employers should be doing all they can to ensure the workspace is an
environment that stimulates creativity and motivation," he added.

By Ross Wigham

Motivational colours

Colour                         Effect                          Ideal for

Turquoise or purple      Enhance
creativity         Media or design
Red or orange              Stimulates                     Sales
Cream                          Relaxing                       Beating

Source: Principio

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