MPs could be prosecuted for bullying expenses staff

MPs could face prosecution for threatening and intimidating expenses staff.

Last week, MPs were warned to stop “abusing” staff or they could face legal action, the Daily Mail has reported.

Signs have also been put up in Westminster saying “Abuse of staff will not be tolerated”.

The new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) demanded a halt to bullying after MPs protested over the strict new expenses regulations.

The newspaper reported that MPs had yelled and gesticulated at junior staff who were explaining the new regime in one-to-one sessions, while some civil servants had been left close to tears following the anger expressed by MPs.

An IPSA source said: “The behaviour of some MPs has been disgraceful. We don’t have to take this and they need to know that we can take legal action if necessary.”

Any MPs found to be bullying expenses staff could face prosecution for breach of the peace or affray, which could result in a fine or jail sentence.

But MPs accused the IPSA of “total incompetence”, and claimed the new expenses regulations were “totally unworkable”.

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