M&S extends CSR policy by opting for Fairtrade coffee

& Spencer has switched all the coffee it serves to Fairtrade as part of its programme to improve
corporate social responsibility (CSR).

company is the first UK chain to switch entirely to Fairtrade, under which farmers in developing
countries get paid more than the market price for their beans so they can
improve their working and living conditions.

the past two years, M&S has been at the forefront of CSR reporting – a way
of measuring a company’s operations in terms of the social, environmental and
ethical impact they have on the wider community.

other changes implemented at the retailer has been the addition of slower
growing chickens – that have been raised in living conditions designed to
improve their welfare – to its food range.

company also launched its Marks & Start community programme, which hopes to
provide work experience for up to 2,500 disadvantaged people.

to Personnel Today last year, Ed
Williams, head of CSR at M&S, said: "The business case for CSR is very
strong. In retail, for example, media coverage of unethical products would cost
a lot of money. Ultimately, we are here to make money – but we want to do that
in a responsible and ethical way.”

By Daniel Thomas




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