Men see little advantage in women reaching the top

majority of male managers feel that if significantly more women were in
leadership positions it would make no difference to the performance of their

from the upcoming HRG/ILM survey on Women and Leadership suggest that 51 per cent
of men feel that having women at the top would
alter a company’s level of success.

women were asked the same question, only 13 per cent said no, suggesting that
men in middle to higher management positions may not see women’s journey up the
career ladder as necessarily important.

Waite, director of personal development at the Institute
of Leadership
and Management (ILM), said men needed to shift their perspective of business if
women are to break through to the top.

has survived up to this point by aggression and men see the business world in
this way. Women offer a view of business that is more people-centred."

added: "Business is becoming more people-centred for a range of reasons
and men need to respond. Both men and women have the skills, it is just that we are pigeon-holed by gender
at work."

Quentin Reade

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