MSc in Business Management (MBM), University of Strathclyde

How long?
This is a one-year, full-time course. It is an intensive and academically challenging programme.

Entry qualifications
The MBM is designed for high-calibre recent graduates wishing to gain a solid foundation in business and management. Applicants will need a good degree in any discipline, but the course is particularly suited to those with an engineering, science, arts or humanities degree.

The core of the programme is general management, supported by modules on information for decision-making, and an introduction to the functional areas of management. Modules therefore include: information for decision making, management functions including HRM, general management, electives, and an MBM project.

Career opportunities
The MBM offers graduates and individuals at the early stages of their business careers an opportunity to apply their intellectual skills in the study of functional management. Graduates who have the Strathclyde MBM qualification, and have consequently gained a minimum of three years’ relevant business experience, can take additional credits to convert the MBM into an MBA.

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