Mums speak up for job shares and home work

Nearly eight out of 10 working mothers questioned in a survey said they
would quit their current full-time job tomorrow if given the chance.

The survey carried out by a women’s consumer magazine shows that only 4 per
cent of working mothers with young children want to work.

Nearly a third of respondents would rather have a part-time career or job
share, and 22 per cent want to work from home or set up their own business.

A significant 43 per cent would prefer to be a full-time mum.

More than 60 per cent of women find the work environment depressing, and 51
per cent admit that they take time off because of work-related stress.

Furthermore, three-quarters of working women believe that children suffer if
both parents work.

Nearly 90 per cent also blame the stress of trying to juggle work and home
life into making them shout at their children.

Juliette Kellow, editor of the women’s magazine Top Santé, which published
the report, said, "The Government wants to encourage as many women as
possible into full-time work, but the survey shows that this is not what
mothers want.

"Working full time for most women is a major problem, physically,
emotionally and mentally, and is damaging to family life and

More than 5,000 working women were surveyed across the UK for the report.

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