My biggest break – Bruce Warman

Bruce Warman has worked in HR for 14 years and is now HR director at
Vauxhall. Below he describes his big break:

"I was offered a job in organisational development in our Detroit plant
while working as a financial controller for General Motors in Southampton. My
UK managing director Bob White was keen to get someone there to learn about new
ways of operating. It was a hell of a break as it launched me into a whole new
area – switching from finance to organisational development. It also changed my
life as I was moving country and profession.

I started as an organisational development consultant and worked on a series
of projects for improving people relationship and changing the way people are
evaluated. I also ran union management workshops in the US and had US trainees
working alongside me. I was there for 18 months before returning to the UK and
going back into line management. I moved into HR in 1988 with Vauxhall."

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