Nanny Mc’Fees’ rake in the readies from working mums

Longer working hours and more women than ever rejoining the workforce after having a baby are leading to a pay bonanza for a growing army of nannies.

Research shows that more than 100,000 nannies are now working in the UK and average living-out salaries are nearly £30,000.

Other perks of the job include cars, international travel and rent-free accommodation, a survey of specialist nanny employment agencies found.

Mother-of-two Rachel Willits, who runs the website, which carried out the research, said people were being lured into nannying by the rates in the same way plumbing had seen a surge in numbers.

“We are finding that the increased demand for nannies has come from families who don’t want to send their children to nursery but are happy for their children to be looked after alongside children from another family,” Willits said.

“With some teachers earning less than £20,000 and nurses on less than £15,000 it means that many girls see a career as a nanny as a better-paid option.”

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