Nectar company sweetens rewards package for workers

Loyalty Management Group (LMG) – the company behind the Nectar loyalty scheme – has implemented a flexible benefits scheme for its employees.

The scheme, ‘Sweeter Rewards’, was launched to give employees a clear understanding of their existing benefits, and the opportunity to amend their package to suit their own individual needs.

Gabrielle de Wardener, LMG’s HR director, said: “As a business we pioneer consumer loyalty and reward programmes and it was important that our employees had an equally cutting-edge employee benefits package.

“Although we already provided good benefits, most employees did not know their full value. We were not offering the flexibility and tax efficiencies that would turn a good package into a great one.”

LMG reviewed a number of providers in the market before selecting Thomsons online benefits.

The Nectar logo was adapted to incorporate ‘Sweeter Rewards’ and the launch communication material issued to employees was designed to replicate the Nectar point update statements sent to members.

A staff survey after the launch showed that more than 80% of LMG staff understood their benefits package better as a result of the scheme.

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