Network Rail and Ten Nine launch apprenticeship scheme in schools

Network Rail, Work Communications, a recruitment advertising agency and Ten Nine a media owner has this month launched a poster campaign targeting Secondary Schools to assist Network Rail recruit school leavers for their highly successful Apprenticeship Scheme. The campaign compromises online, press and a poster campaign in schools to directly target the youth demographic.

The initial campaign concentrated specifically on an online strategy with ads placed on Monster, Google and Fish4. Local and national press are also used, including the Mirror and local London press. Further campaign activity focuses on recruiting in notoriously difficult to target areas throughout the country, such as London, Midlands and Wales.

To maximise the campaign’s success in these hard to reach areas, Ten Nine are implementing six sheet posters in 50 schools across the UK. This part of the campaign also allows Network Rail to directly inform school leavers, of the various career opportunities available at Network Rail and promotes a positive, socially responsible message throughout the schools.

Spokesperson at Work Communications commented: “The Apprenticeship scheme is an integral part of the recruitment process for Network Rail. In order to recruit for this highly successful scheme we have selected a number of media channels. The Ten Nine platform allows us to engage with the teenage audience in a responsible and highly effective way. The flexibility of the platform allows us to target school leavers, specifically in areas where it has traditionally been difficult to recruit. Ten Nine provides a fresh, new and innovative approach to target this traditionally hard to reach audience in their school environment.”

David Wain, Account Manager at Ten Nine added: “Working with Network Rail represents a significant step in the development of the recruitment sector here at Ten Nine. The campaign for the Apprenticeship scheme provides the schools with an extremely worthwhile and positive message. It offers school leavers further choices and opportunities to consider at the end of their course of study. Network Rail provides the children with a sound overview of what to expect when looking to embark upon their first career.

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