Emergenetics launches science-based profiling tool in Europe

Emergenetics is a proven and powerful science-based tool that offers a fresh and modern approach to profiling.

Emergenetics can help to improve an organisation’s talent management programme, enhance team effectiveness, improve communication and reduce conflict. It can also be used to help improve relationships with customers, clients and suppliers.

Established in the US over 25 years ago by Dr. Geil Browning, Fortune 500 CEO’s, management teams and corporate trainers alike have found Emergenetics enhances an organisation’s ability to make good people decisions and create strong, effective and innovative work teams.  Already available throughout North American and Asia, we are delighted to announce the opening of the European office in London.

What makes Emergenetics different from other profiling tools is that it’s based on robust, scientific brain research.  It’s also highly impactful and memorable as well as being easy to use and understand.  Everyone’s profile is unique and it differentiates between men and women. 

Sue Hartley, Founder of Emergenetics Europe says:  “I’m really excited that we can now offer this compelling tool to a wider market. Clients find Emergenetics easy to apply to all manner of business situations and report back that employees continue to talk about it and use it for years afterwards.  Many clients go on to use it at home, have partners do profiles and some even tell me it’s changed their lives.”

Emergenetics Europe is offering its first European Certification Programme this year from 30th June – 3rd July.  This will be run by Dr. Geil Browning, Founder and CEO of Emergenetics International.  Dr. Browning is also the author of “Emergenetics – The New Science of Success”. 

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