New approach brings recruits to real estate

Property consultants CB Hillier Parker (CBHP) has introduced a new approach
to recruitment based on the abilities and skills of its top agents.

Research by Gallup for CBHP revealed that the company’s top performing
agents gave distinctive and consistent responses to specific researched
questions on motivation, influencing, relating to people, thinking and work

Prospective candidates are now asked a number of these structured questions
as part of CBHP’s recruitment process to identify those who give the same
answers as the firm’s top performers.

Richard Walden, CBHP’s HR director, explained, "The Gallup talent
interview provides us with a predictive and consistent tool to identify
potential recruits most like our best agents."

Walden said one of the reasons the firm used the new approach was because it
wanted to broaden its recruitment to people who might not normally consider a
career in real estate, while remaining confident of their ability to be
suitable for the job.

Walden told Personnel Today that CBHP’s approach to staff development is
also based on identifying and building on employees’ strengths.

"At CBHP we are building a strength-based organisation. Training,
education and experience are important but the key to success is an
individual’s strengths.

"A common misconception is that people can develop most by
concentrating on their areas of weakness. However, we believe that focusing
development on each person’s areas of strength derives the greatest value.

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