New customer service titles on interactive DVD

Training company Balance Learning has launched two customer service courses on fully-interactive DVDs. Last month Balance Learning launched Influencing Skills – the first of a scheduled 14 courses. Featuring the sophisticated interactivity of an online or CD-Rom training course – but on a DVD – the new Customer Service courses, show students the value of their customers and how to identify, meet and beat the customers’ expectations.

Customer Service 1: Preparing to be Outstanding provides over an hour of learning on two DVDs. It helps students understand their role in the critical business function of customer care. It helps them to differentiate between good and outstanding customer service and understand how to use personal experience to deliver excellence. It will also show the value of their customers and the long term benefits of providing excellent customer service.

Customer Service 2: Sales through Service Skills provides nearly 80 minutes of learning on two DVDs and equips students with a process and the communication skills to identify, meet and beat their customers’ expectations. It will guide them through the ‘sales through service’ process: first contact, explore customer needs, match the needs, close the deal and take the extra step. It will also help to analyse what the customer wants and needs by combining active listening and effective questioning…so they can make a real difference to sales and customer loyalty.

The Interactive DVDs play in a standard DVD player or in the DVD-Rom drive of a PC, which means they can be used at work, in a learning library, at home or while travelling. Student use the DVD remote control or the computer keyboard/mouse to navigate through the menus and exercises. Interaction begins from when you start using the DVD – challenging questions ask students to analyse and evaluate what they see and after each question, structure feedback is provided to ensure positive teaching.

High impact full screen video puts the theory into a business context effectively, whilst using two tutors (male and female) makes the narration dynamic and stimulating, keeping students interested.

The Interactive DVD courses each come with an A5-sized wire-bound Course Reference Book, plus a Student Activity Book, which contains a post-course test and a complete set of activities to help students transfer theory and learning to their work.

Standard pricing of a multi-user licence for each Customer Service product is £650. The two products can be bought as a suite for £1,200. Customer Service 3: Handling Complaints and Angry Customers and Customer Service 4: Challenging Customers are due for release in November.Balance logo 122x150

For each DVD in the Balance Learning library there is an optional Facilitator’s Kit. Each kit contains a comprehensive workshop script, a DVD containing a slideshow and additional video examples for the classroom activities, as well as a set of reproducible student handouts. These workshop sessions add skill development, planning and confidence building activities to the value of the DVD courses. These are available when purchasing the Customer Service Suite for £1,000.

For further information on Balance Learning’s Interactive DVDs and to request an evaluation, please visit or call 0845 456 0465.

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