New degree taps into Indian talent

A new e-learning computing degree for students in India will be launched in
2004 in collaboration with Londonlearning, Edexcel International and the
University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

It is designed to broaden access to UK degrees for Asian students who enrol
at the New Delhi-based British Council Knowledge and Learning Centre. The
centre has 70 computers for members to access information and electronic

Tony Dickson, vice-chancellor at Northumbria, said: "Students
successfully completing the BTEC and HND courses at the centre are welcome to
complete their degree in Newcastle. This exciting development opens up more
opportunities for hundreds of students that are unable to come to the UK."

India is home to a wealth of computing talent and the online study will be
supported by local Indian tutors, said Londonlearning managing director Gerry

"The UK and India are connecting in the expanding market of e-learning.
Together we are building a quality programme enabling more skilled young people
to take their place in the international field of business and IT."

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