New network offers a lifeline to HR

directors and managers working in the public sector can now share ideas and
knowledge via a new networking initiative.

Human Resources Performance Improvement Network (HR PIN) has been set up by the
Institute of Public Finance to offer a forum to senior HR to exchange ideas and
best practice across the public sector.

PIN will provide independent information and hands-on support through a series
of events held nationally, which will draw attention to the need for strategic
workforce development and flexible ways of employing and managing staff.

have access to the HR PIN website, which gives information about public
announcements and new research, plus hourly updates of news ‘snippets’.

services include a quarterly newsletter, weekly e-mail updates and additional
sources of information through in-house research and feedback from network

network has an advisory panel made up of leading HR bodies including the
Society of Personnel Officers (Socpo) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel
and Development.

of Socpo, Mary Mallett, said anything that enables HR professionals to share
information and get up-to-the-minute guidance and support should be encouraged.
"It can be pretty lonely out there as an HR manager or director, and
online access and telephone advice can be very helpful," she said.

Blundell, lead adviser to HR PIN, said the network offered a unique platform
for those in HR to work together, help develop good practice and build capacity
across the public sector.

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