New products: e-learning in action

An at-a-glance guide to some of the highlights at e-learning


Check out its Professional Management, off-the-shelf e-learning series,
which is being launched at the show. Adval will also be showing, for the first
time, its recently completed Mecca-Rank e-learning course.


There’s more work in action and on show here from the event’s main sponsor,
ebc. Recent projects include an interactive learning programme for the Empire
Test Pilots School, which prepares pilots and engineers for their flight test


See its new Management Skills Online and Management Skills Express
courseware being demonstrated, along with its Institute of Professional Sales
course and the Managing First-Time CD, produced in conjunction with the CIPD.

Knowledge Solutions

KSTutor is a new e-learning authoring tool which, it is claimed, can be used
by anyone without prior programming experience after just half an hour’s instruction.
Find out if it is as easy as it sounds.


See the ‘behind the firewall’ version of its Search and Select tool in
action, which allows users to type in a question and instantly receive a NETg
Learning Object to teach them the knowledge or skill. It will also be parading
its latest business and professional development content.


Professor Cary Cooper is a big name in the world of organisational
psychology and this is the place to view Under Pressure, his CD-based course on
stress management for individuals, developed by Robertson Cooper (RCL).

Tata Interactive Systems

A chance to see its new courseware migration tools, which takes existing
learning materials and allows them to be delivered online. The tools redesign
and re-present the material for the online environment.

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