New role at hotel is a real snooze-fest

Like Guru, you may have been caught napping by the news that hotel group Travelodge has appointed the world’s first director of sleep, at a not-to-be snoozed at salary of 60,000.

Is this the world’s greatest job? Wayne Munnelly, dubbed ‘the sleep tsar’, has been appointed to ensure guests get a good night’s sleep in the hotel chain’s 25,000 UK beds.

His role includes testing mattress tension and pillow density, as well as writing a 20-point ‘dream plan’ to help people get a good night’s sleep.

Munnelly said: “There must be thousands of people who would have loved the idea of sleeping for a living, but I know my role is going to be demanding. It’s getting close to being a science.”

Is anyone else out there in need of a sleep tsar? Guru would like prospective employers to know he has an excellent record in this field, having slept through some very important moments – board meetings, government briefings, fire alarms; the list is endless.

That’s some high-pressure sleeping, don’t you know. Guru questions whether other folk would be able to perform at this level under such intense scrutiny.

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