This month’s news

Cancer self-help

Cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Relief has launched its latest directory of
cancer self-help and support services. It lists more than 700 local cancer
support groups and organisations throughout the UK.

It is available, at a cost of £15, by calling 01344 350310.

Call centre initiatives

Hundreds of call centre staff at Norwich Union in Sheffield, Norwich and
Glasgow are testing a new range of flexible working initiatives after receiving
a grant from the DTI.

New safety targets for offshore industries

The HSE has reiterated its commitment to making the UK offshore oil and gas
industry the safest in the world by 2010, after publishing figures showing
three people died in offshore incidents in 2001/2002, the same as in the
previous year. Serious injuries increased by two to 55.

EEF appoints chief medical adviser

The Engineering Employers’ Federation has appointed an occupational
physician to the newly created post of chief medical adviser. Dr Sayeed Khan,
42, will help the federation draw up a strategy to tackle and promote
occupational health. He was formerly head of OH for one of the European defence
and energy businesses of Rolls-Royce.

Stroke advice

The Stroke Association has translated its leaflet Stroke: Questions and
Answers into five different Asian languages as part of an effort to raise
awareness about strokes among the UK’s Asian population. British Asians are
more likely to suffer strokes than the general population as they are more
likely to suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Back pain

The number of hours spent on repeated activities at work is associated with
the prevalence of back pain, a study has concluded. Doctors in Taiwan found
carpenters, nurses, orderlies and attendants were all at risk, according to the
study published in the journal Occupational Health and Environmental
.  OEM 2002;59:680-688

Construction safety

A discussion document designed to stimulate debate on how to improve health,
safety and welfare across the construction industry has been published by the
Health and Safety Executive.

Revitalising Health and Safety in Construction can be ordered from HSE
Books, PO Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2WA. Tel: 01787 881165 or download
it from the HSE website.

Textiles health and safety audit

A new internet-based audit package to help textiles companies manage their
health and safety risks has been launched by the HSE. The Textiles Health and
Safety Audit includes a series of audit-style questions and accompanying
information and reference material. It has been designed to help small
employers in particular.

School safety

The first ever educational tool specifically designed to help teachers and
pupils manage the health and safety risks involved in work placements, has been
launched by the HSE. The Check it Out video pack is for use by teachers in
schools and applicable in training and induction situations for new young
workers aged between 14 and 18.

Incident reporting

An updated leaflet on how to report health and safety incidents has been
issued by the HSE. It also gives advice on how to use the HSE’s new incident
contact centre. The centre provides a single point of contact for all employers
in Great Britain.

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