This month’s occupational health news

Textiles firm fined

A textiles firm has been fined £4,000 after an accident in which an employee
got his hand trapped in a carding machine. Westwood Yarns of Huddersfield was
also ordered to pay £799 costs. The employee had gone into the pit of a carding
machine while it was still in operation.

BSC certificate

The British Safety Council has introduced a new health and safety
certificate for UK police forces. It is available in two five-day modules.

Details are available from the BSC, on 020-8600 5604 or

New chief executive at NMC

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has appointed Sarah Thewlis as chief
executive. Thewlis was previously general manager at the Royal College of
General Practitioners, deputy secretary at the Royal College of Physicians and
divisional personnel controller for Marks & Spencer.

Pregnancy advice

A guide on health and safety issues for pregnant nurses and midwives has
been published by the RCN. Your Rights and Safety outlines potential health and
safety hazards in the workplace for both new mothers and unborn babies.

Post-natal depression

A leaflet on how to deal with the effects of post-natal depression at work
has been published by the Maternity Alliance. Post Natal Depression and Work:
deciding about work and benefits when you have PND gives advice on issues such
as sick leave, resigning, benefits and what to do if you get sacked.

It is available by phoning 020-7588 8583 or through the website

Holiday cover

Covering for colleagues while they are away on holiday can send stress
levels soaring, according to a survey by recruitment consultancy Office Angels.
The poll of 1,500 staff finds that 86 per cent of workers claim colleagues’
holidays lead to a dramatic increase in weekly workload and stress, with 67 per
cent working an extra six hours.

Men’s health

A training programme in men’s health aimed at health professionals has been
set up by the Men’s Health Forum. The one-day courses start from November and
tackle issues such as sexual and mental health and suicide among young men.

Details are available on the website,

Pesticide safety

Workers should make sure they wear suitable protective overalls correctly
when spraying biocides or pesticides, a study by the HSE concludes. Leaving
sleeves rolled up or zips undone fails to protect workers from being
contaminated with pesticides or biocides, it finds. Specialist protective
coveralls provide the best protection.

Construction advice

Easy-to-follow health and safety advice for the construction industry has
been made available on the internet through the group Working Well Together. It
includes the latest HSE guidance.

Mines rescue

A study looking at alternative options for mine rescue arrangements and
assessing their relative merits, has been published by the HSE.

Mines Rescue Arrangements : Future Options is available from HSE Books 01787



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