This month’s news

Stressed out and overworked

Nine out of 10 workers are stressed out from work, two- thirds work longer
than a standard 35-hour week and just under half regularly work unpaid
overtime, according to a study by online travel agent Opodo. It also found 58
per cent of UK workers never take a proper lunch break.

Hearing tests

Hearing tests should be made much more widely available, the TUC, the Royal
National Institute for Deaf People and the European Federation for the Hard of
Hearing have said. A million workers in Britain are exposed to potentially
damaging noise levels. More testing would encourage early detection and help
prevent hearing loss.

Stress awareness campaign

An awareness campaign on preventing work-related stress has been launched by
the Health and Safety Executive. Media advertising, leaflets, a helpline and
guidelines are all being offered to UK companies, with the campaign initially
aimed at public sector workers.

Shortlisted teams announced

The shortlisted teams for this year’s Aon Health Solutions’ award for
managing health at work have been announced.

Health and safety conference

A conference on psychosocial risks and stress at work will be held on 17
October at London’s Regent’s College as part of this year’s European Health and
Safety week. It is being organised by the UK Professional Organisations in
Occupational Safety and Health group.

Details available by e-mail:
or by phone: 0116 257 3183.

Corporate killing

Families bereaved or injured from work-related deaths and disasters called
on the Government at a TUC conference in July for tougher enforcement of health
and safety laws, a new law on corporate killing, and the imposition of safety
duties on company directors.

Tackling violence

The Health and Safety Executive has published a series of case studies
showing how taking simple steps to tackle work-related violence can help small
and medium-sized businesses reduce risks and improve efficiency and
profitability. Work-related Violence: Managing the Risk in Smaller Businesses
can be ordered online at

Guidance for metal workers

New guidance on good practice standards for reducing health risks to workers
exposed to metalworking fluids will be launched at a series of workshops by the
Health and Safety Executive and the Engineering Employers’ Federation during
October. Exposure to such fluids can lead to dermatitis, with around 200 cases
reported each year.

Details are available from the federation or bye-mailing

Paper mill safety improves

A safety initiative conducted by the paper industry between April 1998 and
March 2001 cut deaths and serious injuries by more than a quarter and led to a
marked improvement in health and safety in the UK’s paper mills, research by
the Health and Safety Executive has shown. The study showed a 27 per cent
reduction in the rate of fatal and major accidents.

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