This month’s news

Radioactive waste

The Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant has been issued with a legal
requirement to take action to reduce the quantity of its liquid high-level
radioactive waste, says the Health & Safety Executive.

Continence awards

An awards programme for people with interest in continence care is receiving
applications for its 2001 funding round. The 2001 Dorothy Mandelstam Awards
offer travel up to £1,500 and two £500 education awards for Association for
Continence Advice members.  01825

In flight air quality

A three-year research project is being launched to study the quality of
cabin air in commercial passenger aircraft. It is being co-ordinated by the
BRE, part of the Foundation for the Built Environment.

New appointment

US nursing leader Beverly Malone has been offered the post of general
secretary at the Royal College of Nursing.

She is currently deputy assistant secretary of health in the US Department
of Health and Human Services and is a former president of the American Nurses

She is also the first black candidate to take on the RCN job.

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