This month’s news

Hay fever advice

People with hay fever should be encouraged to review their medication
treatments now, before the start of the hay fever season, the British Allergy
Foundation has said. Many hay fever sufferers may be unaware of the side
effects that can be caused by some medication. The foundation is holding an
Allergy Week on 14-to-18 May to raise awareness about the condition.

Stop smoking, Dad!

The first-ever Dads Quitline to help fathers give up smoking has been
launched by the charity Quit. It will start in April.  0800 002211.

Radiation protection

The Health & Safety Executive has issued a revised statement on
radiation protection advisers. It can be found at

Thermal radiation

The Health & Safety Executive has published a report on the effects of
thermal radiation on humans. It has been prepared by WS Atkins Consultants and
is designed to help companies carry out risk assessment on the impact of
thermal radiation on people at the scene of a fire. It can be ordered from HSE
Books on 01787 881165 or online at

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