This week’s news

Career uncertainty

Nearly half the UK’s health and safety professionals say they either will
not or may not be working in the industry in 10 years’ time, according to a
study by busi-ness information provider Croner. The survey found 52 per cent
said they would be in the industry, while 30 per cent said no and 18 per cent
were unsure.

Fair weather skivers

The hot weather last month prompted as many as 7.5 million workers to take
unauthorised time off to bask in the sunshine, finance directors believe. A
survey by recruitment agency Reed found 27 per cent of finance directors felt
employees had bunked off to enjoy the sun.

Supporting A&E staff

Hospital staff in the A&E department at University Hospital Aintree have
been given access to a support service to help them cope with the strains of
the job. The hospital’s support team holds induction days for new staff,
explaining the role of the service and what it offers, and see staff in groups
and individually on a confidential basis, to help them deal with stress and

Tie dangers

Wearing a tie can increase the dangers of suffering from serious eye conditions
such as glaucoma. A study in the British Journal of Ophthalmology
(2003;87:946-948) found tightness around the neck restricted the jugular vein,
which raises blood pressure, particularly around the eyeball.

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