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Relaxed part-timers

A European Union survey has concluded that part-time workers are less likely
to a report job-related health problems, and are more likely to achieve
work-life balance.

Personnel Today, 11 May

Long-hours myth

The UK’s long hours culture is a myth, and it is just as easy to argue the
UK has a ‘short-hours culture’ when compared with other Euro-pean countries,
the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development has argued.

Personnel Today, 4 May

Stress counselling

Manchester City Council is piloting a telephone counsel-ling service to
combat worker stress. The confidential,24-hour helpline is currently available
to 6,000 of the council’s 27,000 staff, but will be extended to all employees
if it proves successful.

Personnel Today, 27 April

Power of the bean

Drinking coffee or meditating are the best ways to improve short-term mental
performance, according to Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Reading

Personnel Today, 27 April

No change on frontline

Billions of pounds being pumped into the NHS to improve patient care and
recruit more nurses is having little effect on frontline services, according to
a recent poll of 1,000 nurses by the Royal College of Nursing.

Personnel Today, 18 May

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