News in brief

This month’s news in brief

– FT CareerPoint has launched a series of animated training materials
available online. It also has psychometric testing available and further
e-learning facilities at, where you can find links
to more information on studying for a degree online.

– NETg has launched a series of e-learning solutions designed to provide
training on enterprise networking. They’ve been designed to offer IT
professionals a single source of information on high speed networking
technologies, including B-ISDN, ATM and SMDS.

– A recent survey by the seminal US-based Masie Centre found that 80 per
cent of respondents are willing to try e-learning. Of the 80 per cent of
respondents, employees working in the training, sales, HR and marketing sectors
were most excited about participating in e-learning programmes.

– Click2learn has signed a partnership deal with CSS to provide its
learning platform technology to multi-nationals and Russian organisations.
"The Russian market for e-learning is huge and virtually untapped,"
says Ruben Agababyan, general manager of CSS. "We have now entered a new
era in which we can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that have
evolved in Western Europe and the US."

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