News in brief: Partners in work

Employers should be role models when developing partner-ships with
employees, David Yeandle, deputy director of employment policy at the
Engineering Employers Federation, told an employment law conference. He said,
"If partnership and improved performance are linked, why is it not
happening in the UK? Companies need to see partnership adding value. Despite
the academic evidence, the value of partnership is difficult to prove and

Forum for police

The IPD has launched a police forum to promote the professional development
of members in forces in England and Wales. Its inaugural conference will be at
Bramshill House, Hampshire, on 4 May. Gary Robinson, acting chairman and HR
director of West Yorkshire Police, said, "A regular programme of events is
envisaged where key personnel and development issues can be addressed."
Contact Mary Croxford on 01256 602417.

Stamping out ageism

The performance and innovation department of the Cabinet Office has
completed a report into "active ageing" – keeping the skills of older
people in the workforce. The findings are likely to be made public in a couple
of months. It follows the launch by the DfEE of a campaign against workplace
age prejudice and is part of a drive to improve age diversity.

Easier Immigration

Business leaders have begun putting pressure on governments of
industrialised countries to loosen immigration policies, said Will Hutton,
chief executive of the Industrial Society. The objective is to ease skill
shortages, particularly among IT specialists, he told a breakfast seminar last

Development neglect

Many organisations are neglecting career development in the expectation of
poaching talent from rivals or hiring consultants, according to a new study.
The approach is normally adopted only in times of recession but is now
increasingly prevalent, the research found. In Career Development, the latest
in the IPD’s Good Practice series, Tricia Jackson argues the practice is

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