News welcomed by employers and unions

There were positive reactions from employers’ groups and
unions to the Government’s announcement.


CBI deputy director-general John Cridland welcomed the
"impetus to world-class health and safety performance", though he
held back from giving support to every proposal pending discussion with


CBI members are particularly keen to explore the pros and
cons of a designated health and safety director for each firm.


TUC general secretary John Monks said the move
"delivers the economic incentives and the moral lead".


Elaborating, the TUC’s lead, officer for health and safety
Owen Tudor said that transforming attitudes is the key, because health and
safety concerns are not policed, but are the responsibility of those within


The Government was setting a good example by taking a
leading role and looking to put the issue at the heart of management practice.


"The actual details of the proposals is not necessarily
as important as the overall thrust – 99 per cent of health and safety is
self-regulated, as inspectors are not there," Tudor added.

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