Next generation IT skills training arrives in UK

New approach addresses UK business leaders’ concerns about potentially wasted investment in IT skills training

C.B.Learning, a division of Computer Bookshops,  has announced the availability of a powerful and comprehensive suite of new online training courses – which Paul Savill, Director of Marketing for Computer Bookshops, has described as the “next generation of IT training for a UK economy where 4 in 10 IT jobs are now based on Microsoft skills.”

According to Donna Jones, Managing Director of Computer Bookshops: “C level executives recognise the business value of Microsoft expertise and want to acquire the relevant skills so their company stays competitive. At the same time, C level executives inevitably fret about the value of their training investment.”

“They want to pay only for what their company needs, and they want trackability so they know exactly who has completed which parts of the training. And they would like to lower the cost of IT training. C.B.Learning transforms what is possible with IT skills training.”

C.B.Learning already offers over 500 online training courses covering the full range of Microsoft products.

The official course content has been developed by Microsoft professionals, and C.B.Learning’s prices typically cut 65%-75% off the cost of equivalent classroom training.

It has been recently estimated that Microsoft skills now account for 4 in 10 IT jobs, meaning that effective ways to acquire, develop and upgrade these skills are a critical issue for the people running UK companies.

Donna Jones explained: “C.B.Learning online training is a radical departure from traditional e-learning, which often involved the wholesale acquisition of libraries of learning modules that were often irrelevant, didn’t get used and could never be effectively tracked. The online training courses from C.B.Learning make IT skills training more customisable, more trackable and dramatically more cost-effective.”

C.B.Learning’s Learning Management System allows learners to access the courses via a standard Web browser, and take pre and post training assessments.

For managers, continuous assessment functionality enables accurate and timely access to information on how far learners have progressed with their training.

Reporting functions allow managers to make efficient use of training budgets.

C.B.Learning provides courses for IT professionals and developers, as well as Office users.

Courses range from very specific one-hour clinics to comprehensive 64-hour collections.

The online training programmes can be personalised to achieve defined Microsoft certifications, or to address specific gaps in existing knowledge and skills.

All the courses are licensed for one year, allowing flexibility in how a learner approaches and completes the training.

The online training is the fullest and most official available, delivering the most up-to-date training on the latest technologies right to the learner’s desktop, direct from the product experts at Microsoft.

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