Being a successful manager means turning monkeys into lemons

Zest, energy, enthusiasm, confidence: when managers and employees are lemons they, and their organisations, are high performing, effective and empowered.

Lee Gilbert, leading HR and management consultant, has distilled his experience from working with some of Britain’s leading companies, and come up with a fool-proof formula for people management success.

Gilbert calls it Turning Monkeys into Lemons.

Lee Gilbert: ‘A high-performing team is engaged and succeeding because they are there for more than their payslips. Lemons are the zest of their organisation and an organisation full of lemons knows where it is going and is much more resistant to external forces and is far more likely to succeed in the long term.’ 

Lee Gilbert’s five top tips for better management:

● lead by example and demonstrate pragmatic solutions to problems

● act on your own ideas and take responsibility for them

● use open, positive and non-threatening body language

● use emotion-free and objective language for verbal communication

● focus on coaching and performance

Turning Monkeys into Lemons by Lee Gilbert is published by Arima Publishing in paperback and is available from all good bookshops.

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