NHS launches learning helpline

A FREE helpline service has been launched to provide advice on learning and
development opportunities in health and social care.

Known as u-i ,the helpline service is being run by NHSU, the new corporate
university for health and social care. It aims to ensure that any NHS staff
with an interest in the area can gain impartial and confidential advice on
potential learning pathways and to increase the number of learners.

"Whether you want to change jobs, improve your prospects, get a qualification
or just improve your skills, u-i can help. It doesn’t matter where you work or
what you do," said Heather Jackson NHSU head of information, advice and

"So far, feedback from the calls made has been extremely
positive," she said.

A knock-on benefit from the helpline will be that health and social care
managers can gain further information on learning for their staff members as
well as for themselves.

The u-i has a target of 20,000 calls each month. The NHSU, which held its
official launch in December 2003, aims to open up learning and development
opportunities for more than 1.6 million people who work for and with the NHS.
All programmes focus on improving patient care and are provided in partnership
with Strategic Health Authorities and education providers.

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