NHS staff seem to take no pride in their work

I read with interest your article regarding Clare Chapman’s approach to culture change in the NHS (Personnel Today, 27 February).

I have worked in HR in the NHS, and in the past few years have worked on various workforce projects within the NHS via my own consultancy.

What strikes me again and again is the lack of ownership from some NHS staff – for example, they do not seem proud of the organisation they work for, and they do not have a customer-focused approach.

Many front-line staff still do not acknowledge patients as their ‘customers’. Before developing these staff into managerial roles, this is where I feel the work needs to begin.

I agree that there are good managers out there, but leadership has to begin with a belief in the organisation you work for. One way of tackling this is to engage with other sectors, particularly the private sector.

I look forward to following Clare’s progress.

Joanne Harding
Workforce Window

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